Voiced By:Phil B.
Gender Male
Species Bird Beak
Team N/A
Episode eliminated Not a Contestant
Place Not a Contestant
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Color Yellow, Orange.

Beaky is a male character on Object Galaxy. He is not a contestant, but rather a supporting character.


Wiping OffEdit

Beaky isn't seen nor mentioned.

A Cased SuitEdit

Beaky is seen opening a door when Mower, who is dressed as Rocky trick or treats. He gives candy, and closes the door.

Bustin' the BlockEdit

Beaky is seen in the candy shop.

A Merry Verry ChristmasEdit

Beaky is seen in the background at some point coming out of a portal. It is not known why.

Racin' The TracksEdit

Beaky does not appear.


  • Beaky was a dropped contestant in the show.