A Merry Verry Christmas

Shocked Amethyst!
Episode 4
Episode Number 4
Winner N/A
Eliminated Brain
Cameos Emerald, Dolly, Eggnog, Choco Marshmallow, Evil Grapes, Cloudy, Cody, Beaky.

A Merry Verry Christmas is the fourth episode of Object Galaxy that aired on the 24th of December. It is a christmas special.


The episode starts out with a puppet show of Brain stealing Toffee's christmas presents. After the intro, Camera states there will be no challenge.


  • This episode has the most cameos.
    • Emerald, Dolly, Eggnog, Choco Marshmallow, Evil Grapes, Cloudy and Cody all appear.
  • Beaky appears coming out of a portal in the background of one scene. It is currently unknown why.
  • At the end, Beaky appears to be filming a creature. This is more than likely to be revealed in the future.


  • Tube misses his legs at one point


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