Before the Intro Edit

(Amethyst is walking in the Forest)

(Amethyst is scared by a Stickman holding a Trick or Treat Sign)

Amethyst: Ahh!


Elimination Edit

(Camera presses a Button,which turns the Ground into the Elimination Area, the Button turns into a TV, and the Net is activated and thrown)

Tufty: Hey Mower,do you want to be Friends?

(Mower silently says Yes)

(Honey Jar,Mower and Tufty get trapped in the Net and is transported to the Elimination Area)

Camera: Liquid Lemons, you sure remembered, you were up for Elimination.

Camera: Ok, I hope you know how Eliminations work, because I'm not gonna tell you.

Camera: Anyway, our prizes are Candy Corns.

Wally: Hey, that's not Candy Corn, that's corn covered in Candy!

Camera: Shush! , Anyway, we got 17 votes. I expect it to be much lawer.

(Camera in Microphone)

Camera: Ok, TV.

TV: Sure thing!

(TV shows the votes, with Creamy.Wally and Wandy with no votes, HJ and Amethyst with 1 vote, and tells that the Candy Corns are actually Poop. And also thrown the prize to the 5 people safe.

Camera: Shower and Melony, you got the most votes, and only one of you, got enough to get eliminated.

Camera: TV,display the votes.

(TV displays the votes that Melony got 4 and Shower got 5)

Shower: What? How can the viewers vote me off? I need a ____ ever? I'm beautiful, you gotta know ___-

(Camera presses one of his buttons,which causes one of his eyes to turn white,his glass to turn yellow,and cause a Flash to be targeted at Shower,turning her into a Picture)

(Everyone was Shocked)

Creamy: You killed her!

Camera: No I didn't. She's trapped right here, in a Picture, and she will stay here for a very long time.

(The Picture of Shower flies to the Album of Losers)

Challenge Edit