A Cased Suit 


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Episode 2
Episode Number 2
Winner Liquid Lemons
Eliminated Shower
Cameos Beaky, Rocky, Donut(BFDI) Suitcase

A Cased Suit is the Second episode of Object Galaxy, It aired on October 14th.


Next Episode: Bustin' The Block

Previous Episode: Wiping Off

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The episode starts out with Amethyst, taking a stroll inside a dark forest. a recommended character appears, and scares Amethyst, She quickly runs away. After the intro, Camera is seen, pressing a button which makes the ground turn into an elimination pad, and the button turns into a TV. The screen changes into the text 'Net Activated', while a net launches out of the TV's top. Tufty is seen, asking Mower if they could be friends, with Honey Jar standing in the background, Possibly being jealous. Mower agrees, and a giant bubble surrounds them, and they fly up. All of the Lemons fall down on elimination pads, And Camera tells them he hopes they know the elimination rules, because he isn't going to explain them. He asks TV to display the votes. CreamyWallyWandyAmethyst and Honey Jar are the first safe with 0, 0, 0, 1, and 1 vote perspectively. TV tells the contestants for a fact that the "candy corn" prizes are not chocolate... but poop. Shower and Melony got the most votes. With a 4-5 vote, Shower has become the first person eliminated.

Voting ResultsEdit

Portrait (Due to No Portrait,their Body is Shown Instead) Contestant Votes Percentage
Creamy None Each 0% each
Amethyst 1 Vote Each 9.090% each
Honey Jar
Honey Jar
Melony 4 36.363% 
Shower Front
Shower 5 45.454% 
11 votes Total


  • This Is The First Episode To Have The Characters Grapes and Blade talk. Coincidentally, they were voiced by the same person.
  • Baseball and Suitcase from Inanimate Insanity (2) and Donut from BFDIA cameo as costumes in this episode.
    • A Dropout from OG, Beaky cameos in this episode as well.
  • After the credits, a possible reference to the game Portal is seen.
  • The Title of the Episode is an inverted version of "A Suitcase", by just jumbling the words in their Opposite Positions, which might caused the Thumbnail of this Episode showing a Suitcase.


  • In the start, Amethyst is walking in the air.
  • At a moment, one of the bottom Grapes has no legs.